Kingsland Royal District 2013, May 2/Press Release: Kingsland Main Street Program Received 2013 Accreditation Oral History Video Pavilion & Picnic Tables Public Parking Brochures & Maps Restaurant Menu’s St. Marys Magazine Guide to Camden County Lovetown USA! Facade Grant Application Downtown Diorama Downtown Walking Map Local Event Information The Royal District Historic Downtown Kingsland, Georgia Surrounded by deep pine forest, lazy rivers, and edged  by the Atlantic Ocean, Kingsland, listed on the National  Register of Historic Places, was founded on lands once  owned by King George II of England.  In 1788, another  gentleman, coincidentally named John King, purchased  a large section of land west of St. Marys., making him  the largest land owner in the area.  The City of  Kingsland itself dates back to 1894 when the Florida  Central and Peninsular Railroad (today’s CSX Railroad)  built its lines on the route through lands that were on  King family property.  The Kings home was the only one  on the site of the railroad, so the FC&P Railroad dubbed  the area “Kings Land,” thus setting a new era in to  motion. With the coming of the railroad, building began  in earnest around King’s Land, and John King’s great-  grandson, William Henry King, mapped out the town  that would primarily be located on his property and  named in his honor.  He became Kingsland’s first mayor  when it was incorporated in 1908.  While most of  Kingsland’s recent growth and development is focused  just off of interstate 95 at Exit 3, only a few moments  away you are transported back in time as Kingsland’s  historic downtown is rich in both history and beauty.   Located 2 miles from the bustling interstate is the  Historic Royal District of downtown Kingsland,  anchored by the old “Dixie Highway” of U.S. 17.  Visitors  can explore a circa 1894 town and its past by basking in  the charm of the red-brick paved side walks while  enjoying the many unique dining and boutique shopping  opportunities in the town proper.  With the renovation  of the historic Train Depot, constructing of Kingsland  Veterans Memorial Park, and implementation of the  cultural mural series, the little city is right on track for  the future. Kingsland DDA Office ~ (912) 729-2848 Kingsland’s Royal District is home to Kingsland Veteran Memorial Park! And so much more...  2013, September 11/Press Release: Kingsland to Host State Art Exhibit in Fall 2014